Code of Ethics

At BAAN for Technology & Trade Int’l.,

We seek to establish and preserve relationships with the best qualified third parties, who share our ethical principles and help us maintain our business reputation. Our third parties can be defined as intermediaries who act on our behalf (such as commercial agents), suppliers, customers, business finders, sub-contractors, travel agents, tax advisers, law firms, external auditors, etc.

Social Responsibility

In addition to the company’s current investments,

We also expand our horizons through investing in all possible opportunities. As of 1985, and aiming to Saudi Arabia 2030 Vision, our goal is to be an effective member and important player in the economic field of the Kingdom and the Saudi labor placement process.
That’s why we are investing in many ranges that are expanding our ability to enhance the efficiency of Saudi human capital in line with our social responsibility to the community.


Sustainability Policy

We seek out and evaluate innovative consumer local and international companies that may be valuable as standalone businesses or in association with one or more of our operating units. Often, we seek important partnerships and in many cases, we make investments and plans into great actions and results as  a part of our future plan towards more sustainable procedures that lead to a clean environment.

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